Making Real Estate & Closing Easy

Making Real Estate & Closing Easy

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Making Real Estate and Closing Easy is a one-stop resource to help simplify your real estate purchase or sale—from the Purchase Agreement, Contingencies and Inspections, Mortgages, Closing Costs, Title Insurance, Liens and Easements, Holding Title, Taxes and more.

With easy-to-follow guidelines and practical advice, you will find the information you need to make closing on your new home a cause for celebration—rather than the dreaded last step to property ownership.

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Get The Complete Guide to Real Estate Closings

Armed with The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing, buyers and sellers will glide through a process that can trip up even the most experienced professionals. The book explains basic concepts in easy-to-understand terms, showing concrete ways to avoid common pitfalls. It also provides tips and ideas for seasoned buyers and sellers.

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Closing Tips

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