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“I found your website while searching for information pertaining to questions I had relating to my upcoming real estate exams (national and state). Your explanations were very helpful and I just purchased your book via your Amazon link. Thanks for creating this website and for writing the book — I am sure it will help tremendously.”

—Amy Adams, Middleburg, VA, January 2020

“Love the work and much appreciated.”

—Nancy Fisher, January 5, 2020

“I admire your ability to simplify complex issues without talking down to your audience.”

—David R. Gellman Attorney-at-law, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you Ms. Gadow for your recent article on the mysteries of the art & practice of property easements! Your advice is spot-on and I hope buyers see your work and take heed. Realtors could also use refreshing by reading it.”

—Harry Lehman, Fairfax County

“Thank you Sandy, for a wonderful and comprehensive guide to the closing process. As a 30 year industry veteran, I know first hand how mysterious the escrow process can be for the consumer. The purchase of real property is often the largest investment of people’s lives, and I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who wants to go into the process well informed and prepared.”

—Jody Sommerhauser, North Coast Title Company, Santa Rosa, California

“A Guide To Closing Without Fear” … offers the information you need to survive the escrow gauntlet from the moment you open to the time you heave a big sigh of relief at closing. Mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers and other real estate professionals only know the portion of the escrow and title process with which they are most involved, but you need to be familiar with the entire process. After all, it involves what’s likely the most expensive transaction you’ll ever complete and what’s likely to be a large chunk of your net worth. When you finish “Your Real Estate Closing,” you’ll know the professionals you’ll need in your corner, you’ll have an intimate knowledge of the documents you’ll be expected to sign, you’ll know how escrow instructions are drafted, you’ll be equipped to handle delays, the shroud of mystery about title insurance will be lifted, and you’ll be a lot less jittery about the process.” “… the mother of all title and escrow books”

—Broderick Perkins,

“I have been in mortgage lending and title insurance for over 25 years.  Your article entitled How Title Insurance is Divided Up  is one of the best articles I’ve ever found.”

—Rena Spangler, First Montana Title Company of Helena, February 2010

“What a fabulous book. I work for a great broker; however, as a new real estate agent, I needed more information about closing than I was getting. Part of the problem was that I did not know enough to even ask good questions. I bought your book several weeks before my first closing…what a godsend. I went into the closing with an air of confidence (even those I was trembling on the inside). Thank you for your book and web site.

—Jerry Semler

“I love this website!”

—Gina De Alba, Asst. Vice President Alliance Title Co.

“…a sprightly and attractive handbook..truly a comprehensive guide to this necessary rite of purchase, written for the lay person but detailed enough to be of aid to the real estate professional.”

—San Diego Union

“Gadow explains the quirks of the closing process (from “What’s an easement?” to “How much will a lender lend me?”) in her book, which includes “A Common misunderstanding/The way things really are” feature which walks fictitious buyers through sample problems.”

—Palm Beach Post

“Whether your state uses escrow or traditional real estate closing settlement procedures, you’ll benefit from reading Sandy Gadow’s “The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing.” It is filled with insider secrets of an experienced professional real estate closer, which will benefit home buyers, sellers and realty agents. If you’ve never been involved in a real estate closing, this book provides insight on what to expect. On my scale of 1 to 10, this excellent book rates a 10.”

—Robert Bruss, nationally syndicated real estate columnist

“Sandy Gadow wrote the book on escrow, literally. Sandy’s guide has been helping buyers for 19 years.”

—Pasadena Star News

“Wow! I wish I had known about your e-mail and book when I started shopping for houses! Thank you for such thorough answers. My friend is starting the process and I’m going to forward your book information on to her. This sounds like a must have for the home buyer.”


“This book delivers on the promise of its title…The lavish use of illustrations and charts enhances readability. A real bonus for me was the summary of escrow and closing procedures in each of the states…This is a “user friendly” guide that will help you understand better how escrow really works.”

—Kenneth W. Edwards , author of Your Successful Real Estate Career

“Your new book is fantastic! I’m a real estate instructor, developer, and investment advisor. I constantly search for great reference materials. In all my years of real estate involvement, I have found no book that is as concise, clear, and easy-to-read, with filled-in blanks and forms. In short, it’s wonderful. It practically teaches my entire course.”

—James A. Hadley, Jr.

“…written by an escrow officer, this book is the best we’ve ever seen for explaining the mechanics of real estate transactions. A must!”

—R. G. Stewart

“I recommend this book to all my customers who purchase real estate. This book has saved us money time and time again and put us in control of our real estate purchases and sales.”

—Tom Christen, Sunnyside Enterprises, Inc.

“Great book for someone who wants to learn about the escrow and title profession. A truly “hands on” workbook for the escrow professional.”

—Christine Smith, escrow officer

“Having purchased 9 homes in the last 30 years, I thought I knew all about real estate closings. Now I realize that I could have saved thousands of dollars by reading All About Escrow. This book would be especially helpful to people who have less than perfect credit because it could make the difference between qualifying and not qualifying for a mortgage.”

—Bruce Taylor, Palm Beach, Fl.

“contains a wealth of information.”

—Marin County, California, Board of Realtors

All About Escrow by Sandy Gadow is that rarity, an easy-to-read book about the complicated subject of escrow…In addition to escrow information, Gadow provides advice about inspections, financing, condominiums, and cooperatives.”

—Los Angeles Times