What Is the IRS Form 4506 Which I Might Be Asked to Sign at Closing?

What is the IRS Form 4506 which I might be asked to sign at closing?

Form 4506 is a form which gives a lender the right to receive a borrower’s tax returns in order to verify the borrower’s income. Most all lenders use this form. It is honored by the IRS for 60 days after it is signed and dated. A WORD OF CAUTION: If your lender insists that you sign the form, but leave it undated, this would give the lender the right to use the 4506 form and view copies of your tax returns, any time over the life of your loan. To limit the lender from access to your tax returns indefinitely over the term of your loan, be sure to insist that you be able to date the form at the time of signing.

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