Chapter 1. An Overview of the Closing Process
Chapter 2. Opening Escrow
Chapter 3. The Title Search
Chapter 4. Holding Title: Your Options and Why They Matter
Chapter 5. The Building Inspection and the Termite Inspection
Chapter 6. Loans and Financing Basics
Chapter 7. Loans and Financing: Advanced Topics
Chapter 8. Title Insurance
Chapter 9. Adjustments to the Final Selling Process: Debits, Credits, and Prorations
Chapter 10. Handling Tax-Deferred Exchanges
Chapter 11. Signing Your Paperwork
Chapter 12. The Closing and What Happens after Closing
Appendix A. Escrow and Closing Forms You Can Use
Appendix B. State-by-State Guide to Real Estate Closing Practices in the U.S.
Appendix C. Directory of Escrow and Closing Resources on the Web
Appendix D. Glossary of Real Estate Terms