Who Determines Title Insurance Rates And Fees? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sandy, interesting reading.

    Do you know where I would find a list of States that insist on a filed rate and those that don’t where the rate is freely negotiable?

    • Phil,
      I don’t have a specific list yet for those states that are filed rates, but I recently closed a deal in California, where they have a filed rate. I asked for a discount and one title company gave me the short term discounted rate,
      even though the transaction would not typically qualify for that discount. However, in further checking, I found an escrow company that offered me a better discount, for a total of a $1,000 off the quoted price.
      I encourage the buyer or seller who is paying for the title insurance to ask different closing agencies for a discount and compare prices.
      Good luck. Sandy Gadow

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