Buying real estate is one of the most important purchases a person can make. The process includes finding the ideal property, negotiating an acceptable purchase price, obtaining financing, reviewing inspections, and finally, closing the transaction. With preparation and following certain easy-to-follow steps the process can be stress and worry free.

What Are the Most Common Contingency Clauses?

Common contingency clauses include: Financing Contingency: allowing Buyers a specified amount of time to obtain a loan commitment and financing which is acceptable to them Inspection Contingencies: depending on your state law, contingency clauses can be written to cover property … Continue reading →

What Should The Purchase Agreement Include?

The Purchase Agreement (or Residential Purchase or Sales Agreement and Deposit Receipt) is the overriding document that will dictate the terms of your purchase or sale.  It is a legal, contractual document, and the provisions are binding.  Whether you have … Continue reading →


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